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The book that started my writing career, this 500+ page tome is the result of 200+ interviews over several years. It takes you behind the scenes with over 1,000 photographs (of which many were previously unpublished), and with the words and insights of those who lived the adventure. But there is much more than just focusing on Iso, for I purposely used an expansive approach by examining and explaining why events happened they way they did when they did, so one could then apply what happened at Iso to most every constructor. As Tom Tjaarda, the designer of the De Tomaso Pantera and a number of other exotics put it, “If you want to find out what it was really like to own an exotic car company, you have just found your text book.”

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Soft Cover


Giorgio Nada Editore, 2009 (3rd printing)


534 pages, English text


Book is signed by Winston Goodfellow; personal inscription upon request