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This book will delight both the Ferrari aficionado and novice alike with its coverage of Ferrari’s history, and the sports & GT, endurance racing and F1 cars. Each chapter is filled with lush contemporary photography and/or historic imagery, and the text gives a concise overview of the model(s) development and unique features—often with “I was there” accounts from a variety of insiders such as famed coachbuilders Sergio Pininfarina and Sergio Scaglietti. A narrative runs through the chapters so once a section (or the book) is completed, you will have an excellent overall grasp of Ferrari’s history.  “When Winston writes something, I find it worth reading,” company vice-chairman Piero Ferrari noted in the Foreword. “But there is much more to his words and photos, for they…are his passion, and that may be what I appreciate most of all.”

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Hard cover, with dust jacket


Publications International Ltd., 2005


320 pages, English text


Book is signed by Winston Goodfellow; personal inscription upon request