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This Special Offering is one of the most interesting projects I've done, and features three autographs in the book: third generation coachbuilder Andrea Zagato, the company's Art Director Marella Rivolta Zagato, and mine. Zagato-bodied cars have a lengthy history in America, and Andrea wanted to celebrate that by portraying its expansive diversity. This landscape book took a decade to complete, and shows 33 different Zagato cars in 33 different settings. From a Ferrari 250 GTZ on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, an Alfa 8C2300 in the cornfields of Wisconsin, to two Fiat 8Vs on home plate in Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, you will see many aspects of America in rich color, with some very interesting Zagato cars! This book makes a great gift for the auto and non-auto enthusiast alike.

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Delius Klasing, 2016


192 pages, English text