Writer, Photographer, Car Shaman

Magazine Work

Attending a new car launch for Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bentley and other performance and luxury manufacturers is like going to the Super Bowl and being invited into the locker room before the game.

At most launches, everyone drives the same car model over the same route and has access to the same executives, designers, and engineers. So how do you add layers of depth to your work so it stands out?

My approach has been to focus on automotive DNA. The marques I’ve covered over the years are filled with illustrious histories, and I’ve been very fortunate to drive many of their earlier landmark cars. These days, with the huge escalation in values, such models hardly ever see the light of day. They are tucked away in some secretive garage or warehouse, or are an integral part of an asset class for some “investor.” Having decades of on-road experience in such machines when they were just “cars,” gives one an entirely different point of view that is now lacking.

I feel equally blessed…