Fine Art Prints

With every shoot, my goal is to properly capture the lines of an exotic, collector or performance car. Ian Callum, head of design at Jaguar, gave me a tremendous compliment when he said:

“You see the car as the designer intended it to look.”

But there is more to a great automotive photo than simply capturing a car’s “essence.” I like to have a subtle interplay between the car and the background through the use of contrasting colors and textures, or placing a car where you don’t expect to see it. Get all the elements right, and you have a shot that transcends good editorial work to become art.

These types of images are “fine art.” They have been the subject of a number of gallery exhibitions, and are offered here as fine art prints. Owners include some of the world’s great automotive collectors and industry executives such as Ian Callum, Andrea Zagato, and more.

Should you want to read more about my artistic viewpoint, click here.

Since the second half of the 1990s, I have offered certain images as limited-edition fine art prints. These large, gallery-quality photographs are made to the highest standards possible, using modern printing techniques on the finest papers and other surfaces so they resonate with lustrous, impactful colors. Owners of my fine art photos include industry executives such as the aforementioned Ian Callum, Andrea Zagato, Lord March of Goodwood, and some of the world’s great automotive collectors.

For the past several years, I have followed the fine art norm of having the signature printed directly on the image. These I call the “Contemporary Series.” Each print is done in a maximum edition of nine, and a single artist proof.

I also have a handful of fine art prints in what I call my “Classic Series.” These were done prior to 2005-2010, and followed the lead of photographic masters like Ansel Adams and Brett Weston where my signature is done in pencil on the overmat surrounding the photo. Once the Classic Series photos are gone, there will be no more.

The pricing for any of the Classic or Contemporary Series images is:
16×24 $375
20×30 $495
24×36 $595
30×45 $875

Shipping and handling in a custom-made box typically runs an additional $45 to $125.

My automotive fine art looks great in a home, office or garage. And should you be interested in a car or marque that is not seen here, please contact me, for the prints shown are some of my current favorites and I do have others.

Thank you for the interest in my work!