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Most automotive authors and journalists tend to focus on the cars, their mechanical specifications, or how they drive. I have long preferred the Big Picture—how the vehicles relate to the world around them, and their place in automotive (and overall) history.

This approach’s rarity became apparent when one of the world’s most renowned Mercedes restorers commissioned me to author and produce a monograph on the 300 SLS (to see all my monographs, click here). After studying that unique vehicle’s history, it was obvious it was the progenitor to every open-air postwar Mercedes sports car, and thus hugely influential on the company’s history.

When I told the restorer this would be the approach for the monograph, he gave me a fabulous compliment when he said, “I have been with the SLS for years, first finding it, then researching and restoring it. Yet, I never saw it in that light. You have a unique ability to distill many disparate things into something simple so everyone else can see them, too.”

Just as fascinating is the cast of characters who have populated the automotive universe. Over the years I’ve been extremely blessed to personally know a number of the visionaries who created true landmark cars, men who were often superb artists, and great risk takers. Many of their machines were so packed full of emotion that they have distinct personalities, traits that are often reflective of their fathers. As Sir William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar Cars observed, “The car is the closest thing we will ever create to something that is alive.”

For decades this made exotic and performance car production the most human of industries, one that creates a product that touches people like nothing else, except perhaps music or art. I try to bring this dynamic to life in everything I write.

Ferrari Enzo, F50 and F50 GT, as seen in "Ferrari Hypercars"

“When it comes to interpreting the subject matter, Winston Goodfellow is one of the best.”—Hemmings Motor News, reviewing “Ferrari Hypercars.” The title won three IAMC awards, including “Book of the Year” and “Best of Book Writing.”

Iso Grifo A3/L, as seen in "ISORIVOLTA: The Men, The Machines"


Praise for Italian Sports Cars

Sergio Pinanfarina

This book uses a novel approach to the history of the Italian sports car. As expected, it covers the landmark models from Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Cisitalia, and others.

What makes it different from other books is the way it makes the connection between these cars and the economic and social reality that existed at the time. It also explores Italy’s history and ambiance.

Impressing me the most was the way Winston broke our history into distinct periods. How he was able to accomplish this I don’t know, for his analysis in choosing the years to define each period is most impressive.

I applaud what he has done, and am most sincere when I say this is the best approach an author or researcher can use.

Sergio Pinanfarina
Chairman, Pininfarina SpA


The Big Picture, and the people behind the vehicles are the driving forces when writing a book. My titles are:

Title: USA Collectibles (Zagato and Leica)
Publisher: Delius Klasing (Germany)
Date: 2016

Title: Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance 1945-1975; Co-author
Publisher: Skira Rizzoli Publications, Inc. (USA)
Date: 2016


Title: Ferrari Hypercars
Publisher: Motorbooks/Quarto Publishing Group USA
Date: October 2014


Title: Ferrari Road & Racing
Publisher: Publications International, USA
Date: 2005


Title: Speed, Style & Beauty: Cars From the Ralph Lauren Collection; co-authored with Beverly Rae Kimes
Publisher: MFA Publications, USA
Date: 2005


Title: Take Your Best Shot—A Guide on How to Photograph Cars
Publisher: Hagerty Protection Network, USA
Date: 2004


Title: Giotto Bizzarrini: A Technician Devoted to Motor Racing
Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore, Italy
Date: 2004


Title: Italian Sports Cars
Publisher: Motorbooks International Publishing (USA)
Date: 2000


Title: ISORIVOLTA: The Men, The Machines
Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore (Italy)
Date: 1995


Bizzarrini Spyder SI, as seen in "Bizzarrini A Technician Devoted to Motor Racing"

I have also contributed words and photos to books by other authors. In chronological order from the most current, they are:

Title: The Ferrari Phenomenon by Matt Stone & Luca Dal Monte
Publisher: David Bull Publishing (USA)
Date: 2010

Title: Lamborghini The Spirit of the Bull by Paul W. Cockerham
Publisher: New Line Books (USA)
Date: 1998

Title: California Ferraris by Alfred Cosentino;
Publisher: Alfred S. Cosentino Books (USA)
Date: 1987

Title: Zagato Milano 1919-2009 by Andrea Zagato & Paolo di Taranto
Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore (Italy)
Date: 2009

Title: Ferrari America, Superamerica Superfastby Bruno Alfieri
Publisher: Automobilia (Italy)
Date: 1996

Title: Giugiaro Catalogue Raisonne by Giancarlo Perini & Gino Rancati,
Publisher: Automobilia (Italy)
Date: 1987

Title: Standard Catalog of Ferrari by Mike Covello
Publisher: Krause Publications (USA)
Date: 2003

Title: Chevrolet Small Block V-8 by Anthony Young
Publisher: Motorbooks International (USA)
Date: 1992

Title: Panteras for the Road by Henry Rasmussen
Publisher: Motorbooks International (USA)
Date: 1983